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How to feel better about your body when you’re over 40:  
People are finally starting to realize that midlife can be the best time of your whole life. It’s all in the approach. One of the easiest ways to achieve a blissful midlife is to rebel against some of the negative, frightening myths we’ve been taught to believe await us when we start[...]
6 Stoic Rituals That Will Make You Happy:
You get dumped by someone you’re totally in love with. Feel sad? God, yes. The world is going to end. Okay, same scenario, but afterwards you find out that person was actually a psychopath who killed their last three partners. Feel sad you got dumped? No, you’re thrilled. You get [...]
Anti-Agin Secrets for women 40+ :
Already in your 40s and starting to notice the lines, sags, and bags that seem to give away your age? Then, this article is for you.  Aging is a fact of life and though it may seem like a bad news for many, there is a good side to that. The truth is, you don’t really have to look your age no matter how old you are.[...]
Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50:
Our bodies, faces and lifestyles have changed over the decades. However, our fashion choices haven't always kept up. But do we need hard-core rules? Actress Ellen Barkin famously declared in O, The Oprah Magazine that women over 50 should never wear blue jeans to dinner. I (and my 7 For All Mankind jeans) beg to[...]
Achieving Sucess at an “Old Age”:
They say that the only constant in life is change itself. There are no truer words when it comes to how quickly one’s fortune and misfortune can intertwine and shape the path of their life.
Today, we have people as young as Mark Zuckerberg who put in the hard work and reach their goals to make the Forbes Billionaires list. A list, mind you, that is riddled with seniors[...]
Grocery Shopping Tips for Women with High Blood Sugar:
What’s the best way to navigate and make healthy choices in the grocery store that’ll help you better manage your diabetes? Medtronic Diabetes Senior Diabetes Clinical Manager, Stacey Rhea, RD, LDN, CDE, shares her top 10 grocery shopping tips for keeping your home stocked with the healthy foods [...]
Appearing more attractive to men:
Romantic attraction is a complicated thing that scientists still don't completely understand. But, through research and experimentation, they've come up with many ideas about what draws one person to another. Below, we've rounded up some of the most compelling scientific [...]
What diet is best for older adults?
Older adults often lose bone density and muscle mass when they concentrate on shedding weight. This unwanted bone and muscle loss can result in mobility issues and can even increase a person's risk of injury. recent study, which Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem[...]
How to meet someone when you’re older:
As a therapist, I do a lot of work with relational issues. And some of that work is helping people actualize their dream of being in a healthy, fulfilling, loving life- partnership, sometimes later in life. Many have[...]
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